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How do you get individuals to pay attention to your job opening? Get them interested ill your organization? Give them enough information so that those who are not qualified do not respond? The answer to these questions lies in the job advertisement. The more effective your advertisement, the more likely you will be to achieve the dual goal of recruiting.


1. Tell enough about the job:

Your goal here is to provide enough information about the job so potential applicants can determine whether they are interested or qualified.


2. Gave the relevant Information about the job:

This includes providing a job title and a description of job duties. Tiffs information should be drawn directly from the job description.


3. List the minimum qualities successful job incumbent needs:

This includes specific requirements a job incumbent is required to possess. This may reflect educational levels, prior experience and specific competencies or skills. Again, much of information should be readily available frond the job specification component of the job description.



4. Be specific about unique aspects of the job:

Disclose any pertinent information about the job that an applicant should know about. For example, if the job requires extensive traveling, state so. If the experience on specific equipment, technology applicants, and so forth, is required, this too, should be stated.



5. Check the advertisement for corrections:

Make sure the advertisement is properly written, contains no grammatical or punctuation errors, and is easy to read. Whenever possible, avoid using jargon and abbreviation that may be confusing. Checking for correctness also means reviewing each word to ensure that no terms used may be deemed inappropriate or potentially create an adverse impact.


Standard Items

It includes slogan like “Nokia, Connecting People” Trade character like ‘Mc Donald & KFC, and Logotype (logo) a special design that identifies the advertiser and often is the same as the trademark, always appears in the advertisement.



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