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Worthy’s Study of Sears Company

Worthy’s Study of Sears Company

James C. Worthy conducted a study determining the morale of over 100, 0000 employees at Sears, Roebuck arid Company. This study of employee morale which continued for 12 years was about the following work environment.


1. The company itself

2. The organization

3. The management

4. Immediate supervisor

5. Fellow employees

6. Working conditions


The results of the study were as follows:

1. Complex organization structure tends to discourage good management-employee or boss-subordinate relationships.


2. Excessive departmentation and breaking down of the work into fewer units will yield poor results and morale.

3. Minutely defined work calls for close supervision which adversely affects morale and productivity of employees.

4. For highly specialized work effective coordination is a must. But due to complexity and size of the organization that close coordination is not possible in its natural way.

5. Pressure tactics by the supervisor are necessary in the complex and over organization.


Worthy also conducted a study comparing several organization structures and concluded:

1. Flat organization (fewer levels, wider spans) is less complex than the vertical organization (more levels and less spans).

2. Wide spans facilitate more delegation.

3. Flat organization encourages better and trained management personnel.

4. It at organization reduces communication networks.

5. It also reduces the administrative distance between management levels.

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