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Tick the correct answers

i. The bar, displayed at the bottom of the desktop is known as.

a. Title bar b. Task bar c. Menu bar d. Tool bar


ii. You can shutdown. Standby and Restart the computer using.

a. Desktop b. Menu bar c. Start Button d. Task bar


iii. Which of the following lets you browse the contents of your computer‘?

a. My Documents b. My Computer c. My Network places d. Windows Explorer


iv. A convenient place to store documents, graphics or other files that you want to access quickly is.

a. My Network places b. My Documents c. My Computer d. Folder

v. Which component makes it easy to delete and undelete files and folders.

a. Windows Explorer b. Recycle Bin c. Add./Remove programs d. My Documents


vi. The option that makes it easier for people with disabilities to operate a computer is.

a. Accessibility b. Display c. D. Fonts


vii. The image or color set to the background of the Desktop is.

a. Screen saver b. Picture c. Monogram d. Wallpaper


viii. The device that enables the computer to make a dialup networking is.

a. Mouse b. Monitor c. Modem d. Keyboard


ix. Which component provides a tree like view of disks, its files and folders?

a. My Computer b. Windows Explorer c. Control Panel d. Start Menu


The software that removes viruses from disk is known as.

a. Virus Killer b. Remover c. Anti Virus d. Destroyer

1. When you click on right button of the mouse.

(a) Command executes (c) Object appears

(b) Shortcut menu appears (d) Desktop appears

2. The shortcut key that is used to close a window is.

(a) Alt+F4 (c) Escape+F4

(b) Ctrl+F4 (d) None of these

3. The process of loading the operating system is called.

(a) Booting (c) Turn on

(b) Loading (d) None of these

4. To leave the any menu, on which area

(a) Blank (c) Left

(b) Right (d) Top

5. Which bar contains the name of the application?

(a) Title Bar (c) Status bar

(b) Task Bar (d) None of these

6. You can enlarge the size of a window to fill the entire screen by clicking.

(a) Maximize button (c) Restore button

(b) Minimize button (d) None of these

7. When you enlarge a window to the entire screen which new button appears in control icon?

(a) Restore (c) Minimize

(b) Close (d) None of these

8. The box that is used to collect information before processing a command or an instruction is called.

(a) Shut down box (c) Dialogue box

(b) Mouse box (d) None of these

9. The explorer Window is divided into two pans by a vertical line called:

(a) Twist bar (c) State bar

(b) Tool bar (d) Split bar

10. Which sign in Explorer indicates that all the items are currently displayed?

(a) Plus sign (c) Arrow sign

(b) Minus sign (d) Division sign

11. Any file you delete from the Hard Disk

(a) Drive A (c) programs

(b) CD player (d) Recycle bin

12. Restore command is used to.

(a) Paste (c) Format

(b) Undelete (d) Insert

13. In your control panel the number of items depends on.

(a) Software (c) Hardware

(b) System (d) Memory

14. When you do not want to work on computer for some time you will choose the option.

(a) Restart (c) Stand b

(b) Shutdown (d) Boot

15. If you ant to disconnect from the network and prepare the computer to be used by another user you will use.

(a) Restart (c) Turn off

(b) Turn on (d) Log off

16. The program, which protects your system from viruses, is called.

(a) Doctor (c) Empty virus

(b) Anti virus (d) None of these

17. You can protect the monitor screen by using

(a) Property (c) Window

(b) Screen saver (d) Background

18. In which drive of the disk your programs are located in the computer

(a) 13 (c) D

(b) A (d) C

19. If you want to continue working with the new windows settings you will use the options

(a) Log off (c) Restart

(b) Shutdown (d) Replace

20. A program return by some one and is attached to a file to affect the computer is

(a) Program (c) Corel Draw

(b) MS word (d) Virus

ANS. 1.b 2.a 3.a 4.a 5.a 6.a 7.a 8.c 9.d 10.c 11.d 12.b 13.c 14.c 15.d 16.b 17.b 18.d 19.c 20.d

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