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Answer the following question:

  • Define the properties of windows  operating system ?

Ans.     See Q. No.7

  • Distinguish between DOS and Windows Operating System?

Ans.     See Q. No. 25

  • Define what is Desktop? What are its elements?

Ans.     See Q. No. 4

  • Explain the function of Windows Explorer?

Ans.     See Q. No. 17

  • Write short notes on the following?

@   Icon                                   See Q. No. 5

@   Taskbar                             See Q. No. 6

@   Recycle bin                        See Q. No. 10

@   My Computer                    See Q. No. 10

@   My Document                    See Q. No. 10

@   Windows               See Q. No. 7

  • How can you search a filer or folder?

Ans.     See Q. No. 9

  • What is function of start button?

Ans.     See Q. No. 8

  • What  are the items of start menu?

Ans.     See Q. No. 9

  • How can you change wallpaper of the desktop?

Ans.     See Q. No. 14

  • What is the procedure of setting a Screen Saver?

Ans.     See Q. No. 16

  • What is the function of Control Panel?

Ans.     See Q. No. 11

  • Define each item of Control Panel?

Ans.     See Q. No. 13

  • How can you install a printer?

Ans.     See Q. No. 22

  • What is the installation procedure of windows?

Ans.     See Q. No. 21

  • What is a computer virus? How virus is removed from disk?

Ans.     See Q. No. 23 and 24

  • Differentiate between the following?
    • My Computer and Windows Explorer         See Q. No. 26
    • Taskbar and Menu bar                                See Q. No. 27
    • Documents and My Documents                  See Q. No. 28
    • Wallpaper and Screen Saver                                   See Q. No. 29

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