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1. Bit is the smallest memory unit.

2. One byte is equal to 4 bits.

3. The Binary system has proved the most efficient system for machine use.

4. Computers are not called data processors.

5. Organized form of information is called data.

6. Data becomes information when we use ii for making a decision.

7. Digital computers use binary numbers for performing arithmetic operations on data.

8. BCD means binary coded decimal.

9. ASCII is a 10-bit code.

10. There is no difference between ASCII and ERCDIC code.

11. In ASCII code each digit is represented by its four-bit binary equivalent.

12. EBCDIC is an 8-bit code.

ANS. i.T, ii.F, iii. T, vi.F, v.F, vi.F, vii.T, viii.T, ix.F, x.F, xi.F, xii.T

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