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Types And Mechanical Advantage Of Pulley

5.         Pulley:           A pulley is grooved wheel supported in frame which is called as black. The wheel can turn about an axle block. It is passed over by a rope to lift the objects.


Types of Pulleys:

1.         Fixed Pulley:           If the block of the pulley is fixed to a strong beam or ceiling, the pulley does not move is called as a fixed pulley. This is used to raise loads.


Mechanical Advantage:

The weight or load is tied at point B of the fixed pulley and effort P is applied on point A as shown in figure.

From Figure

OA = OB = Radius of the fixed pulley

Torque of effort = Torque of Load

=> P x OA = W x OB



2.         Movable Pulley:      In this type of the Pulley one end of rope which is passing round the pulley is tied to a firm support and effort P is applied at the other end. The load W is fixed at the centre of the movable wheel as shown in figure.

In each segment of the rope the effort is P so W is balanced by 2P                                    W = 2P



Hence movable pulley can lift a load to times the effort applied.


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