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Different psychologists and management experts have evolved several motivation theories. These can be listed in the following categories:

I. The Content Theories

1. Classical Theory (Frederick Taylor)

2. Need or Humanistic Theory (Abraham Maslow)

3. Need Theory (D.T. Hall & KE. Nougaim)

4. Two-factor Theory (Frederick Herzberg)

5. Human Relation Theory (Rensis likert)

II. The Process Theories

1. Classical Conditioning Ivan Pavlov)

2. Operant Conditioning (B.F. Skinner)

3. Preference-Expectation (Victor Vroom)

4. Expanded Contingency Model (Porter & Lawler)

III. Theory X and Theory Y

IV. Theory Z


All the above theories try to find some connection between the stimulus and response. Now we discuss above theories in detail.

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