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Ten Commandments For Good Listening

Ten Commandments For Good Listening


1. Stop talking:

You aren’t learning nothing, when you’re talking.


2. Put the talker at ease:

Make him at home so that he is free to talk.


3. Show him that you what to listen:

Look and act interested. Do not read newspaper or mail while he talks. Your lack of interest will discourage him.


4. Remove distractions:

Don’t scrawl, tap or shuffle papers, it would be better if you shut the door. Privacy reassures the speaker.


5. Empathize with the talker:

Patience makes you sober and worth speaking to. Try to put yourself in his place so that you can see his point of view.


6. Be patient:

Do not interrupt him. Allow plenty of time. Don’t start for the door or walk away. Don’t cut in.


7. Hold your temper:

If you lose your temper, you may get wrong meaning from the words. Losing your temper is your defeat.


8. Take it easy on argument and criticism:

He may calm up or get angry. In both cases he will lose. Don’t argue or you will lose. It is the test of your temperamer.


9. Ask questions:

It encourages the talker and shows you are taking interest. Putting questions attracts the attention of the listener.


10. Stop talking:

First and last principle for good listening. You learn only when you are not talking.

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