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Technical Terms And Phrases With P

Par means share offer price is equivalent to the issue price.


Par of exchange legal ratio of one country’s currency to another.


Par passive identical in all respects or making equally with.

Par value the actual value of a security fixed by the company at the time of issue. It is also known as face or nominal value.


Peak price/cop price it means the highest rate of commodity which brings good fortune to tire bulls it they have something to dispose off.


Peak price/cop price/sky high price it refers to maximum possible price or a commodity.


Pegged a security is said to be pegged at a certain level of price when support is always forthcoming.


Pep energy increase in prices of shares.


Perceptible stringency becoming aware of the scarcity.


Persistent continuing to exist.


Pessimistic bearish tendency prevailing in the market.


Pet of the market a particular section of tire market which dominates the business on a particular day, and brings good prices for the commodity in which the section is known is pet of the market.


Pivotal leading counters

Plethora/ surfeit of funds when there is a lot of money available or circulating in the market which cannot be lent even at a minimum possible rate, it is known as plethora of funds.

Ponderous heavy


Pools/cartels an organization of the producers which is formed with the main object to eliminating competition by agreeing to divide the total output among themselves.


Poor takes a small amount of purchase made in market.


Position it is used for the opm1 account of any operator.


Pre-dominate the market goes up when the buyers pre-dominate. On the other hand, when the sellers are more than the buyers (pre-dominate), the prices come down.


Premium shares or stocks quoted at a level above the issue price or above the nominal value.


Pressure of sales it refers to the large supply and consequent fall in prices.


Prices recouped prices recovered.

Professional circles professional speculation


Profit taking a term indicating successful business by bulls or bears when their expectation turns true.


Public debt the loan raised by the government of a country from the public in order to meet the state expenditure and the expenditure on public works, is called public debt.


Put option a right to sell or not to sell a certain commodity at an agreed price at a future date.

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