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Technical Terms And Phrases With L

Lackluster when small amount of business is done at the stock exchange.


Limited market when dealing ill a particular stock or share is restricted and difficult.


Line it means a very large amount of stock or number of shares dealt with.


Liquidation by long selling by bulls.

Liquidation it refers to constant selling on account of weak position or due to realizations of a decreased account.


Live counters considerable business done due to good demand. (Most popular class of securities is known as live counter).

Loan rate it is the rate charged by the banks for granting loans for shorter periods.


Lombard Street it is used to signifyLondon money market, because on that street are situated the offices of many banks and other financing houses.

Long a term signifying bull position.


Long corners a long corner exists when the bull sells at the highest possible price before taking the delivery. Under long corner situation lie controls the supply of almost entire stock in the market.


Look up price trend to rise.

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