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Technical Terms And Phrases With G

Gain it expresses magnitude of rise in prices.


Gained ground when the market improves after a dull period, it is known as gained ground.


Gale option the right of a person to buy or sell a certain commodity at a price higher or lower than the market price prevailing on the day of a contract.


Gilt-edged securities these are first class securities that give the investor the greatest possible degree of safety. These are also known ns gilts and are used for the government securities.

Give away falling or decreasing price.


Givers the term givers is used for the market situation when all desire to give a rate on contago day.

Glut it refers to oversupply of a commodity in a certain market. Due to glut conditions prices collie down.


Good it is used to indicate the upward trend in market price.

Government securities bonds or promissory notes issued by the central government or the provincial government against the loans borrowed from the public are known as government securities. These securities are quite sound from investment point of view.


Graveled/grounded when market appears to have reached bottom, it is described as graveled.


Guiding force forceful element of the market.

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