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Technical Terms And Phrases With D

Dead when everything is a standstill and no activity is found in the market. It refers to a dead.
Dealer the term is often used for a jobber


Defunct it is used for wound-up companies.


Depicted presented


Deposit rate it is the rate by the banks on the depot balances of customer. The rate varies with the period for which deposits are left with the banks; it is lower than the discount rate, the difference being the banker’s profit.


Deposits at bargain rate bank accepts deposits at low rate.


Deposits monies lodged with the banks on fixed deposit account for specified period, say tire or six months or a year. The depositors cannot demand their deposits before the due date.

Depression the condition of the market indicating falling prices and low volume of the business touching the bottom.


Difference between gambling and speculation in speculation a movement of price can be predicted while in gambling forecast is not possible. Speculation is based on observation, experience, and analysis; there are no such conditions in gambling.
Dips/ pessimistic quick and heavy fall of prices by a wide margin.


Dips/recession when the prices fall deeply and suddenly, it is known as dips or recession.


Disappointed bull the bull makes purchases ill the hope that the prices will rise. But when the situation is not according to his expectations and the prices comes down, in such a case a bull is known as disappointed bull.

Discount issuance or selling of shares or stock less than normal or face value.


Discount rate it is the rate of interest charged by the exchange banks oil discounting bills of exchange. The longer the period the higher the discount talc and vice versa. The hundi rate is the rate by tire indigenous banker for discounting hundies of traders; both the discount rate and hundi rate are higher than the bank rate.


Discounted when the price fail to respond to anticipated level the effect is described as discounted.


Divergent trend unsystematic rise and fall in prices.


Dollar scrip when the capital of a company is subscribed in dollars, the shares of such a company are known as dollar scrip.

Dollar scrip when the capital of a joint stock company is subscribed in dollars, the shares of such a company are called dollar scrip.


Double option the combination of put and call options is called double option.


Downward course gradual fall in prices


Draw fresh support the phrase is used to describe rising tendency in prices after a setback. Dull it is used to describe tone of market when little business is done.


Dumping adoption a policy to capture the foreign market by selling goods at cheapest rate.


Dumping to sell the goods at the lowest possible price ill a foreign market.


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