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Technical Terms And Phrases With C

Cables advice received from principals.


Call option a right to buy or not to buy a certain commodity at that agreed price at an agreed future date. This agreed price is known as striking price.


Call rate it is the rate which is charged by the commercial banks over call loans. Call loans are those loans which are issued for a very short period of time and are repayable on a short notice or at call. The period generally ranges from some hours to weeks. A call is generally made after 24 hours, it is always the lowest because such loans afford the greatest security as well as of getting back the money to the lender whenever required.


Carry over or budlah a speculator, who has bought or sold a security for forward delivery, may be unable to pay for it, or to deliver it on the settlement day. Under this circumstance he may desire for the completion of he transaction to be postponed 6n the next settlement day. This postponement is called carry over or buddle.


Cash counter a ready section of the market.


Cash list it refers to those securities which are meant for cash or ready business.


Cheerful start a start with upward tendency.


Choice a choice given by the jobbers to broker who is not in a position to deal after the price has been quoted to him.


Clearing the settlement department of the exchange is called clearing house or the clearing.


Colorless character no much business activity


Commercial any dealer who has business to transact.


Console when there is an active trading in shares.


Contango a percentage paid by the brayer to the seller of stock for keeping back its delivery to that next selling day.

Conversion loan a new long term loan carrying a low rate of interest issued by the government in exchange for an older loan which has to be redeemed is technically named as conversion loan.


Corner the term “cornering the market” is used when most or more than issued capital of a concern is bought by an interested party.


Counter it means a particular share.

Counter of Issue is used for all kinds of shares issued by the joint stock companies.


Counter, issues or units these terms are used for all classes of shares such as preferences, deferred and ordinary shares, issued by tire joint stock companies.


Cum it means with


Cum dividend a c.d. Quotation of security on the stock exchanges means that the price of a security includes dividend or interest accrued on it. The purchaser can as such claim dividend or interest since its last payment.

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