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STORAGE DEVICES – True and False

Choose the correct statement — True and False.

i) From magnetic tape one can access data randomly.

a. True b. False

ii) There are two basic types of RAM. dynamic and primary.

a. True b. False

iii) Static RAM does not need to be refreshed, which makes it faster and cheaper.

a. True b. False

iv) RAM always retains the data it holds, even when the computer is turned off.

a. True b. False

v) PROM. EPROM and FEPROM are types of SIMM.

a. True b. False

vi) RAM is an external storage.

a. True b. False

vii) SDRAM stands for Synchronous data random access memory.

a. True b. False

viii) A group of four bits makes two nibbles.

a True b. False

ix) rpm stands for rotation per mile.

a. True b. False

x) The smallest accessible unit of memory is byte?

a. True b. False

Ans. i. F, ii. F, iii. F, iv. F, v. F, vii. F, viii. F, ix. F x. T

1. The word storage is used for memory that exists on tapes or diskette.

2. Computer storage is of two types.

3. Byte is the smallest memory unit.

4. One byte is a group of eight bits.

5. It’ a memory of a computer is 40.000 bytes, it means that it can store only 20,000 characters.

6. Static RAM needs to be refreshed.

7. One mega byte is equal to 1024 kilobytes.

8. Maui memory is extension of Central Processing Unit.

9. The most common RAM technologies are DRAM an4 S RAM.

10. Magnetic Disk is a metal disk coated with ferrous oxide.

11. CD-ROM and DVD-ROM are the examples of optical disk.

12. The most common backup medium is CD-ROM.

13. A magnetic disk has concentric tracks.

14. Auxiliary storage can be used only temporarily.

15. Another name for memory is secondary storage.

16. Secondary storage units contain the instructions and data to be used immediately by the processor.

17. Two secondary storage media are magnetic disk and magnetic tape.

18. A diskette holds more data than a hard disk.

19. Magnetic tape is more often used for backup purpose.

20. A group of four bits is called a nibble.

ANS. 1.T, 2.T, 3.F, 4.T, 5.F, 6.F, 7.T, 8.F, 9.T, 10.T, 11.T, 12.T, 13.T, 14.F, 15.F, 16.F, 17.T, 18.F, 19.T

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