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The main objective of the association is to advance the interests of its members and indulge itself in guiding the legislators to pass such laws that protect their businesses. Services to their members are as follows:

1. They guide their members in preparing their income tax and other returns.

2. In case of disputes they offer arbitration.

3. Public relations are developed for members.

4. Education is imparted in the field of trade, management, employees and consumers relations.

5. Foreign markets are explored.

6. Business practices and product standards are taught.

7. It offers valuable services in legislation that protect and promote business interests of its members.

8. Exhibitions and trade fairs are conducted.

9. Insurance coverage is provided.

10. The association offers legal aid in industrial and other disputes.

11. It guides them in conducting market and product research.

12. It helps in forming accounting system. It also helps in cost accounting procedure.

13. It also offers advice on maintaining good labor relations.

14. The association is bent on creating harmony among its members.

15. It carries out collective advertising campaigns.

16. Associations help in collecting debts and provide information about customers, products, markets, government, laws, and inventory management.

17. They offer valuable advice on financial matters.


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