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Sales letter on Watches

Spaceage Electronics

Abdullah Haroon Road,



May 1, 20 ___


Mr. Rizwan Ahmed





Dear Mr. Rizwan

Don’t read this letter if you have plenty of time. It is only for those who arc overly busy. It is for those whose every minute is precious. Therefore, the letter is for you.


Ticker, watches are popular the world over for their precision. Businessmen and executives depend on it. It is their time partner. They allocate their time and make appointments with its help. It makes you time – conscious.

Ticker is versatile, elegant, irresistible, unmatched, and unexcelled. It has countless variety, Designs, and functions. Stopwatch, calculator, memory, telephone diary, appointments, day, date, year, and various games arc lucked into Ticker. First class service, spare parts, and unbeatable prices are other details of Ticker watches. I am enclosing a brochure on Ticker variety.

If you send us enclosed postage paid envelope the desired watch will be in your bands in one week. If the watch is not according to your taste and requirement, we won’t mind receiving it back.


Yours Sincerely



Abdul Malik

Manager Marketing



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