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Qualities of a good business letter

Q. ‘What are the qualities of a good business letter?

Ans. A good letter Is one which achieves the object for which it is written some of the essentials to make a business letter effective are given as below:

(1) CLEARANCE: The language used must be clear so that there is no chance of misunderstanding. it must be lucid that the subject becomes clear even at a rapid reading.

(2) ACCURACY  OF STATEMENT: Whatever is written must be correct.  There should not be any incorrect statement. Special care is to be taken in writing amount.

 (3) COMPLETENESS: The letter should be complete in all respects so that no information is wanting e.g an order for goods must give quality. Quantity, price, mode of carriage, method of payment etc.

(4) COURTESY: All Correspondences are to be treated as government But courtesy not need humility, What is regarded in honest frank and straight forward statement of facts worded in polite and courteous language?

(5) CONCISENESS: The letter should be as short as possible taking in few. clearness, completeness and courtesy, There is no place for flowery or figurative language in a business

(6) FORCEFULNESS:  The letter must be effective convincing and impressive. These are days of completion and many a times it depends on a letter that business is created and goods sold.

(7) NEATNESS AND DISPLAY: The letter must be clearly written or typed. Properly folded and put into a proper sized can envelope The display must he attractive. (8) Originality: Age long phrases are not to he copied but the writer should try to be original so that he is able to assert his individuality. A letter if written in original fashion will soon attract the attention among thousands. 

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