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Employees look for the following traits and qualities in the candidate:


1. Proper attitude toward employment

The attitude of the candidate should show willingness to work and learn interest            in the field of choice, interest in the company, and reasonable attitude toward salary.


2. Willingness to work and learn

The candidate should be willing to perform routine and non-routine types of work. He should learn duties, procedures, policies, and practices of the company.


3. Interest in the field

People like to work only ill the field of their interest. As such it is you who          decide the type of work you are best fitted for.


4. Interest in the field 

Your interest in the company should be genuine. You should be productive. You the company should not emphasize your own self-interest such as fringe benefits and file like.


5. Reasonable attitude toward salary

You should emphasize a challenging opportunity rather than a large beginning salary


6. Integrity and sincerity      

The qualities of integrity and sincerity are vital for employers who cannot  accept deceptive persons.


7. Self Confidence and determination

Self-confidence is the ability to sell your self without high-pressure tactics, egotism, or timidity. Determination requires initiative, drive, perseverance, dynamism, force, and enterprise in the candidate.


8. Appearance           

The appearance of the candidate is shown by the dress, grooming, bearing, and health.


9. Manner      

Manner includes poise, self confidence, and executive stature. The better the manner the more acceptable you are.


10. Voice and expression

Quality of voice and expression impresses the interviewer. Clarity, grammar, and modulation affect voice and expression.


11. Organization

It comprises ability to present case logically and get to the point quickly.


12. Experience

It includes kind of work, skills, interest, ability, leadership, and accomplishments.


13. Response and reactions

Interviewer judges these qualities by your alertness and quickness of responses.


14. Force of drive      

It is ability to stimulate others, and includes self assurance.


15. Intelligence          

The interviewer determines whether you have reasoning and problem solving abilities, smartness, keenness, technical competence, willingness, and ability to learn.


16. Sensitivity

It refers to social awareness, good-with-people attitude.


17. Interest

It is sincerity of ambition and objectiveness.


18. Balance    

Balance makes you versatile, flexible, well rounded, and a man with Varity of experience and interest.


19. Communication Skills   

You should be articulate, persuasive, and able to establish rapport with others. You should also have empathy and high verbal skills.


20. Initiative

You should be self starter, high achiever, interested in work with strong personal desire for success, enthusiastic, and able to motivate self.

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