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According to a marketing expert, “Publicity is a non personal form of demand stimulation and is not paid for by the person or organization benefiting from it.”


It takes form of news, feature, or editorial in the mass media about the product or company. For this no fee or money is paid.


It is a plug which is some times more effective than advertising. The plug refers to a piece of favorable publicity, especially one included in other material as speech, story, drama serial, feature, or news.

Publicity uses many channels or routes to reach the public.


Firstly, mass communication media is used for news items, articles, announcements, and the like. Mass media includes TV, newspapers, journals, magazines etc.

Secondly, person-to-person contacts are established. The company appoints its representatives who make contacts with influential and public figures and tell and persuade them about the goods and services intended to reach the masses. These approached people are doctors, legislators, technicians, professors, and actual users. Those who make such campaigns may be medical representatives, sales representatives, etc.


The objectives of publicity by a company include promoting its goods and services, publicizing policies and programs, propagating the successes of its staff, offering public services, showing civic activities, and demonstrating achievements in research and analysis. Publicity is also used to dispel the bad image of the product or the company. Thirdly, a representative approaches various groups of persons. Here, he may conduct press conferences, special meetings, a civic reception, etc. He may arrange his company’s factory visits by groups belonging to different walks of life.

In fact, publicity is essentially a part of public relations the details of which are as follows.




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