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The structure of organization will become more effective if the following principles are observed in clarifying the authority.


1. The Principle of Unity of Command:

The conflict of authority can be avoided if the subordinate receives order only from one superior. The principle can he implemented if the authority managers has been clearly defined.


2. Principle of Scalar Chain

There is a chain of managers working under the other from the highest level to the lowest. Superfluous levels should be avoided to make the organization work effectively.


3. Principle of Absolute Responsibility

With authority delegated the ultimate responsibility rests with the delegator. No superiors can escape responsibility after delegation.


4. Principle of Delegation by Results

Authority can only be delegated when the subordinate can produce expected results. Or else, the organization will have to face loss of resources, time, and labor.


5. The Principle of Authority Level

What ever the decision is expected of a manager, the authority should he delegated to him and it should not be redirected upward in the organization structure.


6. Principle of Parity of Authority and Responsibility

The authority and responsibility are equal to each other. No person can be responsible more than the authority delegated to him or vice versa.

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