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Port and its types

Q.12. Define Port and describe its types.


A port is a socket at the hack of a computer used to plug in various devices. Internally in personal computers there are several ports for connecting disk drives, display controllers, and keyboards.

Externally, personal computers have ports for connecting modems, printers, scanner and other peripheral devices.


There are to types of ports.

1. Serial Ports

2. Parallel Ports


A port or interface that can be used for serial communication, in which only 1 bit is transmitted at a time, is called serial port. A serial port is also called a male connector, has 9 or 25 pins.


It is a general purpose interface that can be used for almost any types of device, including moderns, mouse and printers (although most printers are connected to a parallel port).


A socket on a computer for transmitting more than one hit data in parallel, at a time, is called parallel port. A parallel port is also called a female connector having 25 holes and its cable that plugs into it has 25 pins.

There ma be 8, 16 or 32 channels (wires). Each channel carries bit of information. Not all the channels are used for data transmission some arc used for control signals.


It is used to connect tape drives. CD-ROMs extra hard disks and most of the printers.

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