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(Rote of Leader during Problem Solving Conference)


The following are the planning steps of a conference:


Analyze the problem and determine the object of the conference

It refers to the agenda of the conference. The agenda or topic must be timely, genuine, really important, and meaningful for the participants. li must present a difficult or controversial issue or debacle that is within the experience and purview of the participants.


Decide who the participants wilt be and notify them appropriately

When a meeting is being called it is necessary to stimulate interest of the participants in the problem. To interest them you may include with the letter suggested reference materials and whatever brief background explanation.


Select agenda

Choose the topics, ideas, or agenda to be considered and distribute information and other necessary materials before the conference, so that they may prepare.

Take care of physical arrangements for the meeting place

Proper sitting arrangement, ways to enter and exit from the hail, ventilation, heating or air-conditioning, canteen facilities, and peaceful atmosphere are essential requirements for the meeting place. Proper working and environmental conditions facilitate good discussions.


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