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Personality, behavior, and motivation

Personality, behavior, and motivation

The word personality has been derived from the Latin words Per sona meaning, to speak through’. The common use of the word is to emphasize the role or behavior which a person displays o others. The personality is a very diverse and complex psychological phenomenon. It embodies external appearance, behavior, sell, traits, and environmental interactions. It is the composite of a person, behavior, and internal forces. It embodies physical appearance (height, weight, stature, facial features, color, dross, hair), behavior (curt, friendly, courteous, discourteous, rude), and self concept. In addition to the above definitions, personality has also been defined as follows:

“The sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, social characteristics of a person”.


‘It is the integrating process by which all the physiological and psychological components of the man are combined into the whole”.

According to KLUCKHOHN and MURRAY, “To some extent, a person’s personality is like all other people’s, like some other people’s, and like no other people’s”.

When a human being is internally consistent within himself he has a well-adjusted personality. When he is externally adapted to his environments, he is welt adapted. When he is both adjusted and adapted, he has an integrated personality. The self and personality are one and the same.

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