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Q.4.What is an operating system?



Operating system is a set of programs that controls and supervisees the hardware of computer and provides services to application software, programmers and users of computer.

Advantages of operating system

Without an operating system computer can not do any thing useful.

Without an operating system computer can not recognize any command.

Any operating system acts as an intermediary between the user of a computer and the computer hardware.

The primary goal of an operating system is to make the computer convenient to use.

The secondary goal is to use the computer efficiently. .

Important tasks of an operating system are managing the resources of the computer such as CPU, Memory, Disk Drives, Printers and running user programs.


Types of operating system

Operating system for main frame and other large computer are very complex, since they must keep track of several programs from several user all running in the same time frame.

Following are some of the popular operating systems used in personal computers.

1. DOS

2. Windows


5. XP

6. Solaris

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