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Humanitarianism is the basis and chief element of all religions. They enlighten and preach the mankind not to exploit one another.

But the difference between Islam and other religions ties in the fact that the former covers all spiritual and secular aspects of the human life, but the latter are limited to only a fewer dimensions.

Western developed nations that are dominated by Christians andFar Eastby Buddhists have registered the following practical ethical achievements.


1. They have successfully uprooted adulteration of every kind. They eat pure food, drink uncontaminated water, and take genuine medicines.

2. Business is carried out on the principles of truth and honesty. They supply goods in accordance with samples.


3. Anti-corruption and all other laws are truly observed. Person violating them is punished accordingly irrespective of his status in the society. There are examples when presidents, ministers, and other VIPs in the US. UK, Japan and other countries had to resign on various charges of corruption and adultery. In other words, there is a rule of law in these countries, and all are equally treated before law. But in the Third World countries the upper class including bureaucrats, rulers, military and police officers, and other powerful persons are insuperable to the law.


4. Developed Non-Muslim nations have established public welfare institutions and organizations from which persons belonging to any religion can benefit. These institutions and organizations are operated from liberal contributions of industrialists and other rich corporations. Examples are Red Cross, schools, colleges, universities, general hospitals, deaf and dumb, leprosy, and other specialized hospitals, AIDS and cancer research institutes, Amnesty international, etc.

5. They have determined the rights and duties of employers and employees, buyers and setters, publishers and authors, etc. These rights and duties have been so devised that no party can be aggrieved.


6. Existing phenomenon of the employee’s fringe benefits, perks, allowances, holidays, off days, overtime, bonus, leaves, gratuity, provident fund, fixed working hours all have been introduced by the western world.


7. Credit goes to them for completely abolishing slavery from the world.


8. Hoarding and dearness have been completely checked. On their festivals supply is rather increased and prices are lowered.

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