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Methods of delivering oral communication

Methods of delivering oral communication

There are four methods of delivering oral communication of ideas.

1. Extemporaneous Method

2. Manuscript — reading method

3. Memorization Method

4. Impromptu Method


Extemporaneous Method

In this method the speaker communicates on the groundwork of pre-planned outlines or notes. The outlines are supported with comments, quotations, statistics, facts, figures, and other relevant data.


Manuscript- reading Method

The speaker reads out manuscript of his speech. During out his speech the speaker often looks at his audience. Sometime he may speak out of written manuscript to emphasize and elaborate some point.


Memorization Method

Here the speaker communicates by memory, He speaks spontaneously. Before he delivers the speech he has the theme of the message. He explains and elaborates the points he has memorized. The speaker may sound like a parrot. It will create an awkward situation it’ he forgets a line or a word. He may slip up, have the slip of the tongue, or skip over some useful points.


Impromptu Method

On the spur of moment, without preparation, as the expediency demands, the speakers communicate, trimming the message. Impromptu refers to without preparation, improvised, off hand.

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