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1.         Announcement letters (sales, sales promotion, circulars)

2.         Transmittal letters

3.         Adjustment letters

4.         Job letters (i) solicited, (ii) unsolicited

5.         Direct requests

a.         Claims or complaints

b.         Enquiries

c.         Orders


Announcement Letters

These letters are written to make some announcements; which may be good or bad. It may be written to an individual or to the members of various groups. It may be printed, mimeographed, or dittoed. It may also be called a circular letter. The contents of announcements may include:


Sales and events, procedures, polices, responsibilities, promotion, shifting, prizes, honors, activities of people, admission or retirement, death, celebration, etc.



These are the letters with which something is transmitted like a check, document, form, passbook, booklet, map, or report to a customer or a business house.



Transmittals differ from announcements in that the former is used to send something while the latter, is written to convey information. A transmittal is actually a covering letter; Transmittals may either be with discussion or without discussion.



An adjustment letter is prepared to reply a complaint, request, or claim letter. It is appreciative to give the customer the benefit of any doubt. Most persons are honest in their claims and complaints, and it is more advisable to make the desired adjustment than to risk losing a customer. The success of the letter depends, not only on what the company says but also bow the company says it. Adjustments may be in the following forms or situations:


1.         Granting the claims

2.         Tire seller is at fault

3.         The buyer is at fault

4.         When the fault is not yet determined and will be adjusted.

5.         Granting requests, such as approving credit

6.         Refusing requests.


Job Letters

A job letter is sort of sales letter or sales promotion letter, and the candidate is a product. It is used by a candidate to offer Iris services to the prospective employer. A job letter may be solicited (invited) or unsolicited (uninvited)


Solicited job letter is written in response to an ad or call the employer. Unsolicited letter is resorted to on the candidate’s own to explore the job opportunity. Unsolicited letter is not only a sales letter but also an enquiry about the availability of the job.


Claim or Complaint Letters

When the goods or services received are not according to the contract of sales or when payment is not received in time complaint on tire part of the aggrieved party arises. Complaint also arises when tire product is not received in stipulated period of time. Letters are written to get complaints mended some of which are as follows:



1. Tire product is not according lo tire agreed price, quality, quantity, size, color, model, taste, or flavor.

2.         The product is defective.

3.         The product is found broken.

4.         Time, place, and mode of delivery are not in accordance with the agreement.

5.         Anomalies or miscalculations in the invoice, bill or cash memo.

6.         Commission or discount is not in consistent with the contract.

7.         Payment is not in time.


In writing complaints you should be very careful. Such letters should be objective, logical, courteous, and without conveying any mark of anger or indignation.

In getting your complaint averted you may request one or more of the following


1.         Refund of money you paid for the product.

2.         Repairs free of charge.

3.         Free replacement of the product.

4.         A new shipment of the right product.

5.         Concession ill the price due to defects in the product.

6.         Correction in the invoice or bill.


Enquiry Letters

Enquiry letters are those written to seek some information about the firm, person, goods, or services. The enquiry letter may be divided into three categories (a) Enquiry about the product, (b) Enquiry about the candidate, and (c) Status enquiry,



Enquiry about the Product

The enquiry about the product is usually made in the following aspects or respects.


1.         Price of the product.

2.         Quality and variety available.

3.         Other features of the product such as brand, model, style, or, flavor, expected life, and packing.

4.         Commission to the deniers and other buyers,

5.         Ordinary and special quantity discounts.

6.         Terms of sales

7.         Credit facility and its maximum period.

8.         Sales return and allowances.

9.         Place, time, and mode of delivery.

10.       Whether prices are f.o.b or c.i.f

11. Whether goods are available from ready stock or made to order.

12. Guarantee or warranty of the product.


Enquiry about the Candidate:


1.         What is his attitude toward his juniors, seniors, compeers, and others?

2.         Is the employer (or ex-employer) satisfied with the candidate’s such qualities as self-confidence, determination, and force of drive?

3.         The candidate’s sociability, social sensitivity, manners.

4.         His ability to judge the situation, understands the people, and responds alertly and intelligently.

5.         Willingness to assume routine and special responsibilities.

6.         His versatility, flexibility, sincerity, ambition, initiative, special skills, intelligence.

7.         The candidate’s emotional stability, temperament, humor mold,

8.         Integrity, punctuality, and regularity, workaholicism.


Status Inquiry


This type of inquiry is conducted through a letter or otherwise to have knowledge of a company to establish its business character and market image. The company being inquired into is the one which wants to borrow or buy on credit and it is its first transaction with the inquirer. The following points may be covered in the status inquiry.


i) Market goodwill of the person or the company being investigated

ii) His or its dealing with customers, suppliers, and other parties.

iii) Inquiry about paying habits

iv) Financial soundness.


Order Letters

An order letter is addressed to the sellers in order to purchase goods and services. It must contain the following information.


1.         The name, brand, grade, size, color, design, model, and/or other descriptions of the desired product.

2.         The quantity or number required,

3.         The rates agreed upon.

4.         Mode of payment



Sales Promotion Letter

Sales promotion letters are in fact goodwill-building letters. They are issued on the following purposes Eid greetings, congratulations; letters of thanks welcoming new residents or customers, clearance sale. They are also written on sad occasions to express sympathy or condolence. A sale event is also included in these letters. They are aimed at establishing the name of the sender in the mind of receivers.



The following occasions offer an opportunity for companies to send sales promotion letters.

To congratulate a company on its happy occasion as winning an export trophy.

2.         Welcoming a new resident

3.         Announcing a sale

4.         Conducting a miss use inquiry

5.         Sending condolences

6.         Thanking the customer for his opening an account with the company

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