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Introduction To Computer TRUE / FALSE


Q.2. Identify true and false from the statements given below

1. Computer is an electronic device

2. Computer never gets tired.

3. The information technology is that which allows the computer system to transmit data over communication lines.

4. Computer era is divided into three ages.

5. Abacus was introduced in 300 BC’ in China.

6. Tabulating machine was invented by Dr. Herman Hollerith.

7. Lady Ada Augusta was first computer programmer.

8. Dr. Herman is known as father of computer.

9. First electro mechanical computer was Mark-II.

10. Napier bones were consisted of 11 rods.

11. Abacus consists of two parts.

12 Mark-I was 8 feet high and 61 feet long.

13. In ENIAC 15000 vacuum tubes were used.

14. UNIVAC was the first commercial computer.

I 5.The period of first generation is started from 1946.

16. The first micro processor was INTEL 8080.

17. First portable computer was Mark I.

18. Hard disk was introduced in 1973.

19. First electro mechanical computer was Mark-I.

20. First commercial computer was UNIVAC.

21. Vacuum tubes were used in third generation.

22. Transistors were used in second generation.

23. ICs were introduced in third generation.

24. Magnetic tapes ere used in second generation as secondary storage.

25. CD-ROM and 3.5 inch floppy disks ere used in first generation.

26. Dr. Herman Hollerith introduced 3\5 inch punch card.

27. Transistors are solid State circuits.

28. Digital computers have both input and output devices.

29. Analog computers are used to measure only non variable quantities.

30. Temperature is a variable quantity.

31. Hybrid computers have speed of digital computer.

32. Hybrid computers have accuracy of digital computer.

33. Another name of mainframe computer is PC.

34. Laptop computers are portable.

35. Super computers process trillions of instructions per second.

36. Analog computers cart convert input data into digits.

37. Thermometer is a digital computer.

38. Mainframe computers are used by more than one user.

39. The processing speed of mainframe computers is measured in nano or pico second.

40. Super computers are used by small number of users.

41. Hybrid computers can convert input data into digits.

42. Ammeter is a digital computer.

43. Calculator is an analog computer.

44. Petrol pumps use hybrid computer

45. The lowest 1eel of language is machine language.

46. The highest level of language is natural language.

47. BASIC is especially suited for large and complex programs.

48. FORTRAN stands for Formula Translation.

49. An assembler program translates high level language into assembly language

50. FORTRAN is used primarily in scientific environments.

ANS. l.T, 2.T, 3.T, 4.T, 5.F, 6.T. 7.T, 8.T, 9.F l0.T, 11.T 12.T, 13.F, 14.T, 15.F, 16.T, 17.F, 18.T, 19.T, 20.T, 2l.F, 22.T, 23.T, 24.T, 25.F, 26.T, 27.T, 28.T, 29.F, 30.T, 31.F, 32.T, 33.F, 34.T 35.T, 36.F, 37.F, 38.T, 39.T, 40.T, 41.T, 42.F, 43.F, 44.T, 45.T, 46.T, 47.F, 48.T, 49.F, 50.T

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