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Introduction to Business – B.Com I (Regular/ Private) – Guess Paper (2013)


Introduction to Business

B.Com- I (Regular/ Private)

Guess Paper (2013)


Q. 1(a) Describe scope and objective of business?

(b) Characteristics of modern day business?

(c) Describe the qualities of goods businessman?


Q. 2 (a) Defines business environment & various types of environment? Briefly discuss the economic & social environment.

(b) What do you mean by social responsibility of business & explain the areas in which a business can be socially responsible?

(c) Describe the reasons of privatization?

Q.3 (a) Briefly states the important features of economic system as follows in Pakistan.

(b) Demerits of capitalism and socialism?

(c) Name the various legal forms of establishing a business and also describe the factors which influence the selection of a legal form of ownership.


Q. 4 (a) Advantages and disadvantages of partnership?

(b) Characteristics of Joint Stock Company?

(c) Differentiate b/w Public and Private Company?


Q. 5 (a) What are business combination? What are the types and objective of business combination?

(b) Describe syndicate, holding co, joint venture, trust, pool, and cartel and franchising.

(c) What are the common methods of wages payment? Discuss

Q. 6 (a) What is labor union? Describe its function.

(b) Discuss the various steps of staffing? And briefly explain selections & recruitment orientation & Training and performing appraisal?

(c) Services of wholesalers for manufacturer and retailers?


Q. 7 (a) List name & importance of middlemen? Explain different channels of distribution.

(b) Differentiate b/w Wholesaling and Retailing?

(c) Discuss the price determining factors?


Q. 8 (a) What role has been played by the multinational companies (MNC’S) in economic growth of Pakistan and also discuss problem of MNC’S.

(b) Differentiate b/w BOP and BOT discuss the causes of adverse BOP and how can be corrected

(c) Discuss kind and objectives of tariff?

Q. 9 (a) Define insurance and discuss the typed and role of insurance in modern business world?

(b) Types and advantages of warehousing.

(c) Characteristics of insurable risk


Q. 10 (a) explain steps following inventory control

(b) Briefly discuss the various modes of transportation uses in Pakistan?

(c)Financing by leasing? OR Advantages and disadvantages of Leasing.

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