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INPUT/ OUTPUT DEVICES – Choose correct answer

 Choose correct answer:

1) The purpose of input device is

a. Pass information

b. Filtration of inIrrna1 ion

c. Pass information directly to CPU

ii) The mouse is a primary input device but lacks the ability to easily transmit ___ information.

a. Graphical b. Numerical c. Alpha numerical (d) Textual

iii. The following are the input devices.

a. Keyboard, Mouse, scanner, flatbed scanner.

b. Keyboard, mouse scanner, flatbed plotter.

c. Han-held scanner, Drum plotter, Mice, joy stick.

iv) Laser printer and ink-let printers are example of __________

a. Impact printers b. Line printers c. Drum printers

v) Plotters can be generally divided into ______________ categories, namely _______

a. Two, pen plotters and Electrostatic plotters.

b. Two. Drum plotters and flatbed plotters.

c. Four. Pen, Electrostatic Drum and flatbed plotter.

d. Three. Pen Electrostatic and Flatbed plotters.

vi) The CD-write performance is measured in ___________________ unit.

a. DPI b. Y c. Bytes d. None of above

vii) Screen output is known as _____

a. Software b. Liveware c. Softcopy d. Hardcopy

viii) Where engineering applications are used and precision is mandatory we use for printing.

a. Laser printer b. Electrostatic plotter c. Pen Plotter

ix) Printer resolution is usually measured in

a. Data per inch b. Characters per inch c. Dots per inch

ANS 1.c, 2.d, 3.a, 4.d, 5.a, 6.d, 7.c, 8.c 9.c

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