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Important Terms Of Machines


Any device which help us in doing work in a convenient manner known as machine.


Important Terms:


1.         Effort:        The force applied to machine to do work on the machine is known as effort. It has symbol of ‘P’

Unit:   Since effort is a force so it has the same unit as force Newton.

2.         Load:                         The weight lifted or overcome by the machine is known as load. It is represented by the symbol ‘W’.

Unit:   Newton


3.         Mechanical Advantage:    The ration of load raised by a machine after applying some effort is known as Mechanical Advantage.

It is represented by the symbol M.A.


 M.A = Load / Effort = W/P

Unit: Since it is a ration so it has not unit.

4.         Input:

The work done on a machine by an effort is known as input.


Input = Effort x Distance though which effort is applied on the body.


5.         Output:          If a machine moves a load W through a distance h then useful work done by machine is called as output.

Formula:       Output = Load Distance through which load moves


6.         Efficiency:    The ratio between the output and input on a machine is called efficiency.


Efficiency = Output / Input x 100


7.         Ideal Machine:         A machine that converts all the amount of input into useful output or a machine that has 100% efficiency is known as ideal.


For an ideal machine                        Input = Output

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