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If negotiations fail

If negotiations fail

It is quite possible that in the last two or three stages both the parties fail to convince each other or reach a compromise and, consequently, negotiations may come to an end. Such a failure may call for the following situations.


Strike or Lock out

After the failure of the negotiations the laborers fall back on strike and stop working. The strike may continue from hours to days or even weeks.

In most cases, after the strike rs over the employees get their wages for the period on strike.


On the other hand, the management may decide to lock out the factory. The lockout refers to the closure of the factory for workers as a result of which labor is not allowed to enter and all the work is stopped. Both the situations bring heavy losses to both parties.



Taking to a moderate and sensible stand both parties may decide not to go on strike or carry out lockout. They may prefer to have arbitration to settle the dispute. Arbitration means referring the issue to a third party for making a decision. The party acting as an arbitrator should be unbiased and should be able to pass a fair judgment.



The failure of negotiations may result in a state of affairs known as mediation. A well-wisher group may come in to break the deadlock and offer to mediate or settle differences between the principal parties, The decision passed by it is not binding on any of them unlike the case in arbitration.


In case of Strike / Lockout

When he union or the management resort to strike or lockout the negotiations and bargaining restarts more seriously and urgently. Both the sides now talk sense and try to talk out problems as soon as possible. The untoward situation has a tremendous pressure on the concerned parties to reach a filial decision.


Signing the Agreement

Once the agreement is reached both parties put signature on the contract. The parties inform their respective personnel of the contents of agreement, successes, limitations, and compulsions,


The signing process brings back the happiness to all relevant persons and the ship .is resurrected sai 1 ing sw 11nmingIy.

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