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In writing reports, Headings are placed by the Following procedures.




When a report has three or more subdivisions, the first main heading will be given at the top in the middle of the page. It is written with capital letters. It requires triple spacing. It may or may not be underlined. No periods is used.


Second Level Heading


If the report includes two or three levels of headings, such a heading will be for second level. It may be adopted for introduction, text, and terminal section. It is in the center with the first letter of each word capitalized. It may or may not be underscored. No period is used.


Third level Heading

It is written on the extreme left without any indentation’. No period is used. It is underlined. It is followed by a single or double space.


Fourth-level Heading:

The paragraph starts on the same line. It starts with indentation of five spaces from left. It is always underlined, It uses period (fall stop)


Fifth-level heading is one used in a report with all five-degree headings. First few words are italicized or underscored and they are a part of the first sentence.



After an Organizational plan has been selected, you have to develop a numeral plan. Such a plan is necessary to accomplish clarity and avoid any confusion or ambiguity. Various Roman, Arabic, or alphabetical numbers and letters are allotted to each principal heading, subheading, and other degrees of subheadings and subdivisions. The following table shows a possible numeral plan for five subdivisions.

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