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Glossary Abbreviations And Acronyms With T

Tab: in word processing, indenting the first line of a paragraph. Telecommunicating Using telecommunications and computers at home as a substitute for working at an office outside the home.

Teleconferencing: A system of holding conference by linking geographically dispersed people together through computer terminals or personal computers.

Terminal: A device that consists of an input device (usually a keyboard), an output device (usually a screen) and a communications link to the computer.

Timesharing: A special case of multiprogramming in which several people use one computer at the same time.

Topology: The physical layout of a local area network.

Trackball: A ball used as an input device it can he hand-manipulated to cause a corresponding movement of the cursor on the screen. Trackballs are often built in on portable computers.

Transistor: A small device that transfers electrical signals across a resister.

Translator: Software, typically a compiler that converts a program into the machine language the computer can understand.

Task: A basic unit of work to be completed b the computer

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