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Glossary Abbreviations And Acronyms With S

Satellite transmission: Data transmission from earth station to earth station via communications satellites.

Scanner: A device that uses a light source to read text and images directly into the computer. Scanners can be of several varieties, notable handheld, sheet feed, and desktop.

Search engine: Regarding the internet, software that lets a user specify search terms that can be used to find web sites that include those terms.

Secondary storage: Additional storage often on disk, for data and programs. Secondary storage is separate from the CPU and memory also called auxiliary storage.

Seek time: The time required for an access arm to move into position over a particular track on a disk.

Sheet feed scanner: A scanner that uses a motorized roller to feed a sheet of paper across the scanning head, thus using optical recognition to convert text or drawings into computer recognizable form.

Single In-line memory module (SIMM): A board containing memory chips that can be plugged into a computer expansion slot.

Structured Program: A methodology for programming which involves systematic description until the final stage of coding is required.

Subroutine: Part of a program which performs a logical section of the overall function of the program and which is available whenever the particular set of instructions is required.

Subscripted Variable: Whose numeric value can change it is denoted by an array name followed a subscript, e.g. A(5) or ABS(22)

System: The computer and all its related components.

Soft copy: Computer-produced output displayed on a screen.

Software: Instructions that tell a computer what to do also called programs.

Source Program: A Program written in a source language.

Spamming: Mass advertising on the Internet, usually done with software especially designed to end solicitations to users via e-mail.

Statement: A source language instruction

Spreadsheet: A worksheet divided into rows and columns that can be used to present and analyze business data.

Suite: A bundle of basic software designed to work together.

Super computer: The largest and most powerful category of computers.

Symbolic language: A second-generation language that uses abbreviations for instructions also called assembly language.

Syntax: The rules of a programming language.

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