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Glossary Abbreviations And Acronyms With N

Nanosecond: One-billionth of a second.

Network: A computer system that uses communications equipment two or more computers and their resources.

Node: A device, usually a personal computer that is connected to a network.

Non-impact printer: A printer that prints without striking the paper.

Notebook computer: A small portable computer.

Nested loop: A Programming technique in which a loop of instruction contain another loop which may in turn contain another, and so on.

Numeral: One of a set of digits that may be used in a particular system of number system

Numerical Data: Any field of characters which contain numeric digits only.

Object Program: A program in object language produced by translating the program written in source language through the use of a complier.

Online: In a data communications environment, a direct connection from a terminal to a computer or from one computer to another.

Operating system: A set of programs that lies between applications software and the compute hardware, through which a computer manages its own resources.

Optic disk: Storage technology that uses a laser beam to store large amounts of data relatively low cost.

Output: Raw data that has been processed by the computer into usable information.

Output device: A device, such as printer, that makes processed information available for use.

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