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Glossary Abbreviations And Acronyms With C

C: A high level programming language.

C++: An Object-oriented Programming language a version of C.

Character: One of a set of symbols in a data processing system used to denote, for example, the numerals 0-9, the letters of the alphabet, punctuation marks, etc.

Cache: A relatively small amount of very fast memory that stores data and instructions that are used frequently resulting in improved processing speeds.

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT): The most common type of computer screen.

Code: The representation of data or instruction in symbolic form.

Coding: The written instruction for a computer. Coding is the part of activity of programming.

Compilation: The process of using a complier to create an object program from a source language.

Compile: To create an object program by means of a complier.

Compiler: A complex program which converts computer instruction written in a source language into machine code.

CD-R: A technology that permits writing on optical disks.

Central processing unit (CPU): Electronic circuitry that executes stored program instructions. It consists of to parts: the control unit and the arithmetic/logic unit. The CPU processes raw data into meaningful useful in formation.

COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language): An English-like programming language used primarily for business applications.

Command: A name that invokes the correct program or program segment.

Compact Disk Read-Only Memory (CD-ROM): Optical data storage technology using disk formats identical to audio compact disks.

Computer: A machine that accepts data (input) and processes it into useful information (output). A computer system requires four main aspects of data handling—input, processing, output and storage.

Computer Program: A program written in a computer language.

Computer Word: A fixed sequence of bits, bytes or character treated as a unit and capable of being stored in one storage location.

Constants: In a program constant are items of data which remains unchanged for each run Control unit. The circuitry that directs and coordinates the entire computer system in executing stored program instructions. Part of the central processing unit.

Cursor: An indicator on the screen: it shows where the next information character will be displayed.

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