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There are four functions or a sales letter, which are as follows:


1. It attracts attention    A
2. It creates interest      I
3. It stimulates desire    D
4. It stimulates action    A




AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. A sales letter performing these functions is able to create desired results and effects.





The first paragraph of the letter should be attention – catching. To achieve it the following approaches may be applied

a. Opening with story or event

b.  Some beautiful quotation or anecdote

c. Status appeal opening

d. Significant and concrete facts

e. Question opening

f. Mentioning prizes


Caution: Avoid misleading gimmicks, grotesque claims, and overblown language, vulgarity, and puffing.



Interest for the product may be stimulated in the second paragraph. To tempt the prospect you should.


(a)        Tell him of the benefits he will derive from the product. Also convince him that money spend on the product will be less than the satisfaction derived from it, and

(b)        Explain the reasons wily they should buy.


Furthermore, for expensive articles you can excite dealers and manufacturers by explaining:

(a) How and why your product will earn them a profit.

(b) How and why the product will make their job easy, and

(c) How and why the product will make their job more efficient

For final customers and consumers you should emphasize functions, economy, characteristics, service, and emotional appeals. You should apply rational appeals to dealers and rational and emotional appeals to final consumers.


Desire Conviction

Stimulate desire in the third paragraph. You may us a one or more of the following approaches:



a.         Free trial offer

b.         Money back guarantee

c.         Performance tests

d.         Samples free of cost

e.         Guarantee

f.          Price information

g.         Evidences (names of satisfied customers)



The last paragraph should motivate the reader to come in action. You may accomplish it by:


a.         Offering gifts

b.         Setting a deadline

e.         Limiting the offer

d.         Offering competition and prizes

e.         Making a moral plea

f.          Accepting payment by check or credit card

g.         Enclosing postage-free mail card


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