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Q.8. Write a note or Floppy diskette.


Floppy disk is a small removable, portable storage device that is made of polyester film coated with a metal oxide compound. It looks like a 45 rpm phonograph record except that it is enclosed in a jacket square in shape. It readable by a computer with a floppy disk drive.


The physical size of disks has shrunk from the early 8 inch to 5.25 inch square and about 1 millimeter thick (Mini—floppy) to 3 inch square and about 2 millimeters thick while the data capacity has risen.

Stiffy / Crunchy

These disks are also known as floppies (or diskettes) because the disk is flexible 3.5-inch floppies are less floppy than the larger disks because they come in a stiff plastic “envelope” or case, hence the alternative names “stiffy” or “crunchy” used to distinguish them from the floppier kind. Floppies may be either single-sided or double-sided.

Format of diskettes

The following formats are used on IBM PCs and elsewhere:


Double density and high density are usually abbreviated DD and HD.

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