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Where a person sees an article dropped on a road he is not obliged to pick it up and keep in his custody and charge. But if he picks it he becomes a bailee. In this respect section 71 provides that a person, who finds goods belonging to another and takes them into his custody is subject to the responsibilities of a bailee.


Rights of finder of goods-Section 168-169

1.         Lien on goods-Section 168: The finder of the goods can retain the goods against the owner, until he receives compensation for trouble and expenses incurred by him in preserving goods and finding the owner.


2.         Sue for reward-Section 168: Where the owner has offered a specific reward for the return of goods lost, the finder may sue for such reward, and may retain the goods until he receives the reward.


3.         Right of sale-Section 169: The finder of the goods can sell the goods found:

a.         if the owner cannot with reasonable diligence he found.

b.         if found, he refuses to pay the lawful charges of the finder.

c.         if the goods are in danger of perishing or of losing greater part of their value.

d.         if lawful charges of the finder, in respect of the goods found, amount two-third of their value.


Liabilities of finder of goods-Section 71

The finder of goods is subject to the same responsibilities as that of a bailee. So

a.         he must take reasonable care of goods.

b.         he must not use the goods for his own purpose.

c.         he’must not mix such goods with his own goods.

d.         he must try to find the owner.


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