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A print advertisement contains following elements:

1. Headline and sub headlines

2. Illustrations

3. Body copy

4. Standard Items

Although many advertisement don’t have all of these elements,

Headline and sub Headlines

The headline not only creates attention but also identifies the reader to whom the advertisement is directed. For example, “Tree American University in Pakistan”, attracts the attention of students interested in getting admission in an American university. A good headline persuades reader to read further into the advertisement.

Sometimes, sub headlines are useful to bridge the gap between headline and body copy.




Like heading illustrations are designed to attract attention, select the audience and generate interest in the body copy. But illustration should also contribute to an understanding of the idea.


Body Copy

Body copy is the major thrust of the advertisement. It is the body of the advertisement. It is the clincher to the attention and interest generated by the headlines and illustration. It provides the information intended to create desire and stimulate action.


Standard Items

It includes slogan like “Nokia, Connecting People” Trade character like ‘Mc Donald & KFC, and Logotype (logo) a special design that identifies the advertiser and often is the same as the trademark, always appears in the advertisement.



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