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ECONOMICS – Part 2 (Regular) – Guess Paper (2013)


1. Define management. Describe 14 general principles of management.


2. (a) Discuss planning process, what are planning premises, and their types.

(b) Why planning fails?


3. Discuss various basis for departmentation and explain span of management.

4. Define staffing, state staffing activities.


5. Define controlling, describe types, and process of control.


6. Define group, its characteristics, classification and how group members rank?


7. (a) Universality of Managerial functions.

(b) Guide lines for effective decision making.


8. (a) Define motivation, describe Two factors theory.

(b) List various theories of motivation with name of author and explain characteristics os self actualized person

9. (a) Barriers to effective communication.

(b) Philosophies of communication.


Q. 10 Discuss types and qualities of a leader.


Q.11 Distinguish between

(a) Procedure, rules and policies

(b) Rational and Japanese decision making.

(c) Delphi technique and normal group technique

Q 12 Short notes.

(a) Inventory chart.

(b) Qualities of a Manager.

(c) Management audit

(d) Hawthorn Effect

(e) Delegation of authority.

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