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Economics – B.COM Part 1 – Guess Paper (2013)



B.COM Part 1

Guess Paper (2013)


Micro Economics

Q.1 Differentiate between the following:

(i) Change in quantity demand and change in demand.

(ii) Point elasticity & Arc elasticity

(iii) Income elasticity & cross elasticity

(iv) Perfect competition and Monopoly

(v) Monopoly and Monopolistic

Q.2 (a) Price effect is the combination of substitution effect and income effect. Explain with the help of Indifference curve approach.

(b) Explain consumer’s equilibrium with the help of Indifference curve technique also describe the change income effect.


Q.3 (a) Define price elasticity of demand how it can be measured by total outlay.

(b) Examine the effect of change in demand and supply condition on the equilibrium price of a firm under Market price period short price period, long run price period.


4. (a) Explain the types of imperfect market.

(b) Explain with help of diagram the short run equilibrium of a firm under monopoly or Monopolistic.

(c) What do you know about firm equilibrium?

Macro Economics

Q.1 Differentiate between the following

G.D.P and G.N.P

(ii) P.I and D.P.I

(iii) MPS and MPC


Q.2(a) Write the name of measurement methods of national income describe in detail any one of them.

(b) Explain circular flow of N.J with help of diagram.


Q.3(a) Describe With the help of diagram relationship between consumption & income.

(b) Explain the factors which determine propensity of consume.


Q.4(a) Explain the concept of investment and its types.

(b) Explain the determinants of multiplier also find the value of multiplier when.

(i) MPS = 0.2

(ii) MPC 0.75

Q.5 Write the short not of the following.

(i) Marginal e1fciency of capital (MEC)

(ii) Acceleration principle

(iii) Inflationary and deflationary gap.

(iv) Equilibrium level of N.I

(v) Effective demand.


Economics Systems

Q.1 What are the central problems of an economy? How these problems are solved in mix Economy?


Q.2 Economics system of Islam no doubt shares some common features of capitalism and socialism but it has its .own identify. Elaborate; also distinguish between Islamic economic systems with capitalism.

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