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A business report may be defined as “an impartial, objective, planned presentation of facts to one or more persons for a specific business purpose”.

A report covers a more complex subject than does a typical one-page factual business letter or memorandum. It requires more care, attention to organization, visual aids, and composition for improving readability. It should be factual, accurate, reliable, and rational. Reports move upward to supervisory and managements levels.

It moves downward to accomplish guidance, work, and policies. It also travels outward to stockholders, customers, government, and the general public. But it usually is bottom-up communication. A report may be written or oral but important ones are in writing. It contains events, conditions, progress, qualities, results, interpretations, investigations, and other facts.

It helps relevant persons understand a particular business condition and situation, carry out operational and technical tasks and projects, and formulate policies anti procedures.

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