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Q.1. Identify correct answer from the choices given with each statement

1. __________is the brain of computer.

a. Monitor b. Keyboard c. CPU d. Printer

2. In personal computer CPU is housed in a single chip called a

a. Motherboard h. Microprocessor c. RAM d. ROM

3. Arithmetic and logic operations are performed in

a.ALU b.CU c. Monitor d. None of these

4. Set of wire used as a communication path is called

a. RAM b. Port c. CU d. Bus

5. Connections between the CPU and memory is called

a. Control bus b. Data bus c. Address bus d. None of these

6. ______ is input device.

a. Monitor b. I lard disk c. Printer d. Keyboard

7. Basically _____ devices are used to extract data from a system.

a. Input b. Output c. Storage d. None

8. A port which transmits more than 1 bit of information is called.

a. Serial port b. Serial and parallel port both c. Parallel port d. None of these

9. __________ port sends data faster.

a. Serial port b. Parallel port c. Both serial and parallel port d. None of these

10. Externally ______ are used to connect modems, printer, scanners etc

a. Ports b. Cables c. Buses d. Wires

ANS. 1.c, 2.b, 3.a, 4.d, 5.c, 6.d, 7.b, 8.c, 9.b, 10.a

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