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COMMUNICATION – Part 2 (Regular) – Guess Paper (2013)



1. Define communication, discuss importance of communication a: for an organization.


2. Discuss the importance o planning in communication and also describe steps involved in the process of planning.

3. Explain with examples any four principles of communication.


4.(a) Define listening, listening is learning justify. Responsibilities of a good listener.

(b) Define leading & problem solving meeting and its steps, kind and functions of leadership.


5. Importance of opening and closing paragraph, also give suggestions to make them good.


6. Write sales letter its functions and system.


7(a) Write inquiry letter (Favorable and unfavorable replies)

(b) Unsolicited job letter.

8. Define business report. Discuss report as a tool of management / qualities of a well written report.


9. Define market report. Write content, functions and disadvantages of market report.



Q.10 Distinguish

(a) Listening and hearing

(b) Defamation and invasion of privacy

(c) Oral and written communication

(d) Information and analytical report

Q.11 Short notes

(a) Process of communication

(b) Speaking

(c) Interview

(d) Formats of business report

(e) Office memo

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