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Claim/complaint about faulty merchandise and other anomalies.



Abdullah Haroon Road






May 7, 20____


The Manager Marketing

Alpha Films Limited

Chundrigar Road



Dear Sir:

The consignment you sent us on May 6 was found not strictly in accordance with our order of May 1.


The details of the anomalies are gives below:

We ordered for 20 cameras; you sent 15.

We requested for 25 flash units; but we found 18.

The order was for 30 lenses; we received 39.

We wrote 30 tripods; you sent 40.

We asked for 60 filters; you dispatched 65.

The letter demanded 7 reflectors; you consigned 12.

In addition, out of 200 “Skodacolor” cartridges, 20 are expired dates.

These anomalies have caused us a great deal of trouble and resulted ill lost sales.


We are returning the items in excess of our order along with 20 film cartridges of expired dates. We are also returning the invoice for correction.


Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the excessive goods, send the short ones, and return the invoice duly corrected. We will appreciate if you kindly send the short goods by tomorrow.


Yours cordially,

- Sd -

Mohammad Ismail Javed


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