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Characteristics of the first generation of computer

Q.15. What are the characteristics of the first generation of computer?



1. This generation used vacuum tubes as for circuitry as internal computer component.

2. The use of vacuum tubes made the size of the computers of this age very huge. They were called as ‘Main Frame Computers’.

3. They were very low speed computers.They could perform hundreds of calculation per second.

4. Input was based on punch cards and paper tape. Output was printed on paper.

5 The main memory was in the form of ‘Magnetic Drum’ at that time.

6 Machine Language was used to perform operations:, and they could solve only one problem at a time.

Examples Of First Generation Computers

ENIAC, EDVAC, UNIVAC and UNIVAC-II are the famous computers of this generation.

The UNIVAC was the first commercial computer delivered to a business client, the U.S census Bureau in 1951. 

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