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Services are different from products in the following:



Services are not horses i.e. they do not possess physical existence. They are intangible, invisible, but can be felt, sensed and from this sense satisfaction is derived. The moment it is complete it comes to an end. People may sense the difference but they have different standards.


Short Life

The life of service is short. The moment its performance is complete it terminates. After the repairing work, reaching the destiny, class bell goes. The singer completes his or her songs, or the letter is typed, the service ceases to exist. It is live only during performance.



Service has no balance. It has no inventory. On one moment it is produced and on the other it finishes. A one-hour lecture expires with every passing minute.


Lack Of Shortability

Because of its perishability, it cannot be stored. However, audio and video services are exceptions because they can be recorded.


Services of the same field cannot be identical. They vary from person to person, firm to firm. No two teachers, bankers, doctors, singers, repairers are identical.

In service the skill is more important than capital. A key employee may be admitted as a partner to a firm because of his skill and experience without his investing capital.


Limited Geographical Range

Its scope is much limited geographically. Unlike goods a person can perform at one place at a time.

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