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CHAPTER 6 Examination Questions

Examination Questions


1. Define organizing and organization. Also differentiate between formal and informal organization.


2. Describe bureaucratic model of organization. Also explain the viewpoints of Karl Marx and Max Weber. Whose viewpoint do you favor, arid why?


3. What are the basic element of organization? Discuss each of them briefly.


4. What is span of control? Explain the views of Graicunas, Hamilton, and Urwick.


5. What are the factors of optimum span as suggested by National Industrial Board?


6. What is delegation of authority? Why is it difficult? What re its basic rules?


7. What are the advantages and dysfunctions of specialization? How can these dysfunctions be overcome?


8. Define scalar and functional chain. Also discuss size arid complexity 01 the organization. What is the impact of size and complexity?


9. Explain the following:


Organizational levels

Organization chart


10. Write the notes on the following’

a. Mehanistic system

b. Organic system

c. Worthy’s study of Sears Company

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